Applicable for: The Xuena Global e-Mall (Included PC/APP/WEB)

Edition:02 (202009)

Before the Member / the Consumer places his/her Order of the Commodities via the Xuena e-Commerce Platform, the Member / the Consumer must fully peruse, understand, agree and accept the following terms and conditions in relation to the Xuena Refund and Return Policy. So, when the Order(s) of the Commodities had been placed by the Member / the Consumer, the Member / the Consumer is deemed to be already accepted and abided with this Policy.

1. Because the Commodities are Cross-Border Commodities and transaction that involve complexity of entry and exit, customs declaration and taxation, logistics, foreign exchange, etc., if the Commodities purchased on the Xuena e-Commerce Platform do not have quality problems, the request for unreasonable return and refund will not be accepted; while Xuena Promises: Under the terms and conditions of this Xuena Returns and Refund Policy, within seven (7) Calendar Days from the date of receipt of the Commodities parcel by the Member / the Consumer, the Member / the Consumer can enjoy the Consumer Protection to return the Commodities subject to the Member / the Consumer shall be responsible for the freight costs and all taxes of the return parcel (The specific amount depends on the specific situation).

2. Based on the Xuena / the Merchant Promise as mentioned in above Clause 01, the Member / the Consumer can apply for return and refund of the Commodities within the time limit as specified below after receiving the Commodities purchased by the Member / the Consumer on the Xuena e-Commerce Platform and can meet the following conditions:

2.1. The damage, liquid leakage and performance failure happened in the Commodities that caused during transportation, and after verified by the After-Sales Personnel (the feedback is valid within 24 hours after the receipt of the Commodities);

2.2. Lost or forgot to send out the Commodities, and after confirmed by the courier and verified by the After Sales Personnel;

2.3. The Commodities received do not match the actual purchased Commodities, and after the proof of verification provided by the Member / the Consumer and verified by the After Sales Personnel is true (the feedback is valid within 24 hours after the receipt of the Commodities);

2.4. The Commodities received have passed the expiration date, and after verified by the After Sales Personnel is true (the feedback is valid within 24 hours after the receipt of the Commodities); and

2.5. Apart from the Pre-Order Commodities, the Member / the Consumer has not received the Commodities for more than thirty (30) Calendar Days since the date of shipment, and after verified by the After Sales Personnel is true, the Member / the Consumer can apply for refund.

3. Due to the special nature of some of the Commodities and the Commodities sold by Xuena / the Merchant are all new Commodities, so the following Commodities and/or the following situations are not eligible for return and refund of the Commodities within seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt of the Commodities as mentioned in Clause 01 above:

3.1. Any Commodities are not sold from the Xuena e-Commerce Platform;

3.2. The Commodities have been used, contaminated, damaged, changed size, label or original protective film has been removed, etc.;

3.3. Due to irresistible factors in the delivery process, the Commodities are slightly damaged, but normal use will not be affected;

3.4. The Anti-Counterfeit Technology (irisCQR code) Label on the Commodity has been damaged or teared off;

3.5. The specified time limit for the feedback as mentioned in Situations 1 to 5 of the above Clause 02 is overdue;

3.6. Within seven (7) calendar days after the relevant return and refund application submitted by the Member / the Consumer was accepted by Xuena / the Merchant via email confirmation, if Xuena / the Merchant still cannot receive the corresponding Commodities parcel for the return and refund application, then the return and refund process will be automatically cancelled (the return address will be informed by After-Sales Personnel);

3.7. The Commodities have been used or the inner packaging has been unpacked that affect the resale, like the diaper, underwear, etc. are unpacked, the return will not be accepted;

3.8. Special Categories of the Commodities, such as the Commodities have been indicated on the page that the expiration date is near, and the Clearance Commodities;

3.9. Valuable Commodities, such as diamonds, precious metals, watches, jewelleries, clothing bags, luxury goods, etc.;

3.10. IT digital, personal care appliances, living appliances, kitchen appliances, adult products;

3.11. Due to food safety issues, food Commodities (including milk powder), especially perishable fresh foods Commodities, the return will not be accepted;

3.12. Any quality problems of the Commodities caused by improper use and storage of the Member / the Consumer, or tearing or altering the label, anti-counterfeiting mark and tag;

3.13. Gifts cannot be returned;

3.14. The actual appearance of the Commodity is different from the Commodity photo(s), because the Commodity photo(s) are for reference only, while everything is subject to the actual Commodity, like the color difference of the Commodity photo(s) caused by shooting lights and different displays is not a quality problem of the Commodity;

3.15. Due to the different production batches, origins, the updates and upgrades of the Commodities and brand image adjustments, the material, appearance details, accessories, and packaging of the Commodities in kind may be slightly different from the Commodities (such as the version of the dust bag) as shown in Xuena e-Commerce Platform. Please refer to the Commodities in kind received shall

3.16. Due to the workmanship of the Commodities, the Commodities may have slight thread and wiring. If the problem is not due to the quality of the Commodities, the Commodities cannot be returned or exchanged;

3.17. The Commodities have natural wrinkles due to the material characteristics of the leather, which are not artificial reasons, so they are not used as a reason for refund and return / After Sales Services;

3.18. The Commodities that are not suitable for return and exchange according to the nature of the Commodities and that are clearly indicated on the Xuena e-Commerce Platform, such as children's clothing, underclothes and underpants personal items, etc.;

3.19. The Commodities in the gift package or suit cannot be partially returned; and

3.20. If the Commodity with a gift at the time of purchase, but the Member / the Consumer cannot return the gift together with the Commodities, or the package of the gift has been dismantled that affect the resale.

4. Regarding the return and refund process, the Member / the Consumer must pay attention to and follow the following points:

4.1. If the return and refund of the Commodities are needed, the Member / the Consumer must directly contact the Online After Sales Personnel to provide relevant proof of evidence and apply for processing within the specified time limit as mentioned in Situations 1 to 5 of the above Clause 02, while proof of evidence included photos of outer packaging, Express Delivery Bill, & the Commodities, etc. If the corresponding photos cannot be provided, Xuena / the Merchant has right to refuse for processing;

4.2. The Member / the Consumer must ensure that the Commodities are intact, brand new, and have not been used; and the Member / the Consumer must ensure that all related items such as original packaging accessories, Order’s papers, tags, packaging, cards, etc. are intact and complete, and that the Anti-Counterfeiting Technology (irisCQR) Labels of the returned goods are intact;

4.3. Due to the stringent Customs’ supervision policy, the replace services cannot be provided for the time being, please understand;

4.4. For the Domestic (means Mainland China) sales, the return warehouse only supports Xuena’s designated warehouse, and other express delivery warehouses may refuse to return, so the two-way freight charges generated shall be borne by the Member / the Consumer, the Member / the Consumer should confirm the arrangement with the After-Sales personnel before sending out the return parcel;

4.5. The Member / the Consumer, please ensure that the Commodities and quantity are returned accurately, and the original packaging, accessories and gifts are in good condition. If the inbound of the warehouse is found to be abnormal that made the refund become failed, Xuena / the Merchant will not bear the relevant responsibility; and

4.6. After confirming that the Commodities have been sent back to the designated address and there is no abnormality in the receipt of the returned Commodities, Xuena / the Merchant will process the refund for the Member / the Consumer within five (5) Business Days after the receipt of return, and it is expected the payment can be returned back to the Member / the Consumer via the original path of the Member's / the Consumer’s payment order within another seven (7) Business Days. As the transfer date is different for the banks, the Member / the Consumer please understand that the actual time to bank account is subject to the bank.


1. The business hours of Xuena eBuy Limited (“Xuena”) / the Merchant are Monday to Friday (except the Public Holidays of Hong Kong or the domicile of the Merchant) from 9am to 6pm. No application of Return and Refund of the Commodities will be arranged after 5:00pm of any Business Day;

2. “The Xuena e-Commerce Platform” means the e-Commerce Platform supported by internet information services and related software, and technical back-up from Xuena and its affiliates, included but not limited to the Xuena Websites, Online Mall, Mobile APP and Mini Program e-Shop (including for both the Merchant and Xuena) etc.;

3. The Services details mentioned in this Policy are subject “Terms and Conditions for Use of the Xuena e-Commerce Platform (The Global Sales)”; and

4. The above terms and conditions are subject to change by Xuena from time to time without prior notice.